January 18, 2022

Your Hormones as You Age

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Hormones may be the root cause for symptoms you simply attributed to aging. Here are some of the most obvious signs that a hormonal imbalance is chipping away at your quality of life:

1. You just feel “off”. For many people, it’s difficult to identify specific symptoms of hormonal imbalance. However, they just feel like they aren’t the same person or that something just isn’t right. If this is happening to you, it’s important that you listen to your body.  

2. You aren’t sleeping as well. As you age, your body gradually produces less of the crucial hormones that promote sleep and make you feel rested throughout the day. These declining hormone levels may also cause night sweats which disrupt your sleep and make you feel tired during the day.

3. Your skin looks “crepey”.  Hormonal imbalances often show up right on your skin. Changes in your hormones dry out the skin, making it less supple and giving it that ruffled, crepey effect, especially on the neck.

4. You’re sexual desire is declining. Everyone deserves to feel desirable and enjoy healthy sex for as long as they choose. And while some decline in desire is natural as we get older, too much of a decline has a major impact on your quality of life and your relationship.

5. You’re slowly gaining weight, especially in your mid-section. Don’t be so quick to blame your expanding mid-section on those extra helpings you had. As we get older, fluctuations in testosterone and estrogen change the way our metabolism works and where we store the extra pounds.

6. You’re feeling more anxious, depressed or having mood swings. Even if you have never suffered from mental health issues, all the bodily changes that occur during and after midlife can cause serious emotional highs and lows. Many people look to factors in their lives to explain why they are just not coping as well, when it is actually caused by their hormones.

7. You’re getting headaches. Occasional headaches are often just a part of life. But if you’re noticing more severe headaches that are showing up more often, age-related hormonal changes are often to blame

So, how do you get your life back?

While most people just chalk these symptoms up to the natural aging process, there are many simple solutions that can reverse these effects and make you feel decades younger within a matter of months or even weeks. At Gillespie Plastic Surgery, we take a whole-person approach to making you look and feel wonderful. Request a free evaluation in our office and find out if treating your hormonal imbalance could change your life.