October 31, 2023

The Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Did you know that the amount of Brazilian butt lift procedures (BBLs) has increased by more than 77% since 2015?

Did you know that the amount of Brazilian butt lift procedures (BBLs) has increased by more than 77% since 2015? Butt augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. Usually, it is to increase the volume of one's rear, but it can also be used to shape and smooth one's behind.

Whatever the case, you might be wondering what the full benefits of a Brazilian butt lift procedure might be. More than that, what is the procedure like and what can you expect if you decide to get one? Keep reading and learn more about it below.

A BBL Can Help You Achieve the Shape You’re Looking For

Many people are unhappy with their butts for one reason or another. You might have a saggy butt after losing weight or losing muscle mass. Your butt may be asymmetrical or it may simply not have the volume that you want it to have.

Whatever the case, a BBL can help. But why should you choose a BBL over other options? Many people try to do squats for hours to give themselves the butt volume that they so desire, but squats can only do so much because your glute muscles can only grow so much.

Even if you do squats every day for months or years, you might still not achieve the perfectly shaped rear that you want. But what about butt implants? Butt implants are typically not desired by most people because they come with many complications and they're uncomfortable.

The Details

After all, butt implants are typically silicone implants that are placed within the gluteal muscles. As you can imagine, this can be very uncomfortable once you sit down and the results often look unnatural. A Brazilian butt lift, on the other hand, produces very natural results.

This is because the procedure involves using your own fat from your body to add volume to your butt. Keep in mind that you should have a bit of extra fat on you for this procedure, otherwise, there won't be much to work with in terms of transferring fat. Usually, your doctor will take fat from your waist and transfer it to your butt and hips.

The doctor will do this with a special liposuction tool before injecting the fat back into your body. This method allows the doctor to sculpt the fat into the perfect, voluminous shape. The result is a butt that is symmetrical, full, perky, and round.

A BBL Gives Fast Results

As mentioned before, many people end up spending the majority of their lives at the gym just to get a more attractive but. While exercising and doing squats will indeed strengthen your glutes, exercising alone will not reshape your entire rear. The shape of your butt is not only due to muscle mass.

It mainly has to do with the distribution of your fat. Everyone has unique patterns of body fat distribution. For example, some people carry more fat in their stomachs while others carry more fat in their hips or butts.

If you are naturally predisposed to carry fat in regions other than your butt, then doing squats won't do much to help the problem. You might get a more muscular butt, but not much more than that. On the other hand, if you carry a lot of fat in your rear, you may suffer from asymmetry or a lumpy derriere.

The Ease of a BBL

Again, while exercising can help slightly change the shape of your butt, it won't smooth out any lumps and bumps that your body has a predisposition to hold onto. Instead of wasting all your time at the gym, you can get much faster results with a Brazilian butt lift.

Keep in mind that the results aren't instant since there is a period of healing, but the results are still faster than the results you would get from working out. For several weeks to months after the procedure, you will need to wear compression garments until you heal and the swelling goes down. Many patients also benefit from lymphatic massage.  But once you are healed, you'll be able to admire the amazing new shape that your butt has.