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Mastopexy with Augmentation

The Quick Facts about Mastopexy with Augmentation

Length of Mastopexy With Augmentation Procedure: 3 Hours
Anesthesia: General
In or Outpatient Procedure: Outpatient
Unfortunately, gravity is unceasing and combined with age and sun-related skin loss of elasticity a woman's tissues surrounding her breast can lead to the breast mound falling lower on the chest. Additionally, the volume inside the breast can diminish with hormonal changes after pregnancy and menopause and with significant weight loss. All these factors triumphantly combine to give an aged appearance that can be significantly disproportionate to the otherwise youthful feeling of a women. Sound depressing? Sure it does but the artistry and science behind plastic surgery can offset these changes to a woman's breasts and make them feel good about the skin they are in.

If someone is unhappy with the appearance of their breasts it is helpful for analysis sake to deconstruct the breast into two separate components: the overlying skin brazier and the volume and its distribution of the breast mound on the chest wall.

What Does A Breast Lift With Implants Involve?

Breast augmentation/mastopexy, also known as breast lift with implants, is a combined procedure which increases or restores breast size and shape by using saline or silicone implants combined with a breast lift (mastopexy).

Am I A Good Candidate For Having A Breast Lift With Implants?

The most common reasons why people consider a breast lift with implants include:

Your breasts have lost volume, shape, and firmness due to pregnancy, age, weight loss, or gravity
Your breasts are noticeably different in size or shape, and you want more symmetry and fullness
Your breasts appear deflated and your nipples and/or areolas are pointing downwards or positioned below the breast crease

You are likely a good candidate for a breast lift with augmentation if you are in good health, have maintained a steady body weight, and have realistic goals and expectations.
For additional information on Mastopexy with Augmentation visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for this procedure. *

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