Aesthetic Procedures



Jeuveau® Newtox is one of the hottest new non-surgical treatments being used to combat aging. Wrinkles and lines can leave you looking tired and older. Jeuveau® Newtox helps to temporarily treat those expression lines and wrinkles right from the source by relaxing the underlying facial muscles. This helps yield a smooth and refreshed appearance.

The Jeuveau® Newtox Procedure

Jeuveau® Newtox is administered through a series of injections. This procedure requires advanced expertise in order to produce the fresh and natural-looking results you dream about. Dr. Gillespie begins by speaking with you about the results you want and the troublesome lines and wrinkles you want to target. He will mark the specific injection points based on your aesthetic goals, and then cleanse your skin and after just a few precise injections, you’ll be ready to head back to your plans for the day!

After your procedure, it can take a few days before you begin seeing the results of the treatment. When the results fully set in, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly smoothed and younger-looking skin for several months.

Will Jeuveau® Work For Me?

Jeuveau is a great choice for many first-time injectable patients. However, with many options on the market, it often comes down to personal and physician preference on which treatment to try. Patients should consult with a doctor they trust and who understands the results they are trying to achieve.

Jeuveau® Side Effects

Jeuveau generally has very few side effects, when injected correctly. Patients can expect a little redness at the injection sites, which typically go away within 15-30 minutes. If you grab the mirror directly after injection or if you watch our treatment video above, you’ll see what we in medicine call “blebs” or little bumps where the medicine is injected. Those go away very quickly, within just a few minutes, as the medicine and saline absorb into the tissues.

Very rarely, a patient can develop bruising from Jeuveau, as you can with any injection. When this happens, it’s generally because the patient was on blood thinners (aspirin, medication, Vitamin E) or has had alcohol in the past 24 hours. We do have a laser at our office that can be used to break up bruises, making them clear up very quickly, and we do offer that laser treatment free of charge to our injector patients if and when a bruise occurs. If you do experience bruising, please do let us know. With Jeuveau, bruising is NOT indicative of a possible serious complication, but it is something we want to help prevent and clear up as soon as possible.